MJA Smart Cycle Rucksack

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LED Backpack with Wireless LED Pilot Lamp Security Motorbike Backpack Bag Reflective LED light 5L With Remote Control
1. LED remote control warning backpack is like traffic lights. When you want to turn left, right or stop, a corresponding signal will be sent by remote control.
2. Whenever you ride day and night, warning lights will keep you safe by reminding people around you.
3. Lighting, warning by remote control, easier-operating and security are the characteristics.
4. Steel suspension system: your back needn’t to touch bag directly in order to perspire and keep it dry.
5. Whistle on chest in case of emergency.
6. Hydration system for easier to drink water
7. Double compartment is designed for parting different goods.
8. Fashionable style and unique appearance get you outstanding
Main function: Lighting, warning, security, etc.
Working frequency: 2.4 GHz
Transmission distance: 3 meters (depending on the surroundings)
Battery of the transmitter: 2 pieces of button cells 2032
Battery of the receiver: Built-in lithium Battery (650mAh)
Working time: 24 hours
Charging: DC 5V 500mA
Material of back pack: Dacron
Product Size: 220mm*380mm*75mm
Capacity: 5L
Weight : 650g
Turn signal pattern: right, left, forward, stop
Product Accessories: a transmitter, a receiver, a user manual, four zip-tights
Usage: Hiking,camping,traveling, cycling
Certificate: CE, FCC, ROHS
Storage Temperature: -30 to 80 centigrade
Operating Temperature:-10 to 60 centigrade